Club Membership – [Kids Crypto Club!😛]

$19.95 on the 1st of each month and a $49.00 sign-up fee

Kids get crypto currency airdrops every month!

Start a crypto portfolio and watch it expand. 100% handsfree and automatic. Zero crypto knowledge required. 
[Kids Crypto Club]: Crypto fundamentals and projects that spark imagination, from online gaming to Metaverse to  music streaming and crypto mining! Kids take to crypto like second nature!   
Crypto of the Month’s Starter Kit arrives via Priority Mail and includes : Crypto wallet on USB drive for PC, Complete and clear instructions to view and manage crypto, Best practices for security. 
Stop sitting on the sidelines. Join the crypto revolution today! No long term commitment. Cancel anytime. See below for full details and disclaimers. 

First payment prorated. Next payment: July 1, 2023



Kids get crypto currency airdrops every month!

Get your kid(s) off the sidelines and into the crypto revolution by giving the gift of crypto. 
Crypto investing made simple. Simply relax and as your crypto portfolio expands.
Simple clear instructions are included to let you know exactly how to monitor and access your crypto currency. Optional self-paced crypto learning modules also included.


Crypto Wallet – You 100% control of your funds. Keep your growing portfolio safe and secure.

Auto Airdrop – New crypto airdrop (deposit) directly to your private crypto wallet each month, automatically. No action on your part is needed.

Crypto Dossier – Optionally, members may explore airdropped crypto with included self paced learning information.

Airdrop alerts – Instant notifications of new crypto deposits!

What’s Included

Crypto Wallet ships via Priority Mail. Members receive monthly crypto deposit valued at $10 USD to their private crypto wallet. Crypto Alerts notify members of new deposits and provide info for self-paced learning on each feature crypto.

Club members qualify to separately purchase Portfolio Power-ups™. Portfolio Power-ups™ are new and notable cryptocurrencies and NFTs available for airdrop directly to your crypto wallet. We often feature coins in the news, celebrity crypto projects, coins trending dramatically in value, brand new coin releases and crypto that is unavailable on central exchanges, like Coinbase.

Important disclaimer: Crypto projects / investments are highly speculative. Any investment could be lost. All information on this site is for education / entertainment and is not investment or financial advice.
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